1-800-672-2893 — Everything You Need to Know

Did you get a call from phone number 1-800-672-2893? This phone number is not yet identified and has been blocked by many users from Canada. According to the receivers, it is a spam call because the caller asks them some sort of survey. On the other hand, ASDE provides people with the contact details of the company if they have concerns.


Just like receiving a call from 916-589-8603: (Verizon Survey) and 312-578-7022 (CDC), ASDE and these companies call in the purpose of survey research. Recently, there have been speculations circulating over the internet that the number 1-800-672-2893 is from ASDE. While there is no proof that the call was from the company, no one initiated to make an official report and verify who’s number it is.

When you search 1-800-672-2893 on the internet, there are forums about getting calls from this number. But who really owns this number? What is ASDE Incorporated and is this number associated with them?

1-800-672-2893: Is this ASDE Inc.

ASDE Incorporated is a survey research company located in Gatineau, Quebec Canada. This company collects and acquires from the public. Workers in a research company search for people’s opinion regarding different issues such as products, political candidates, services, and many others.

What ASDE Incorporated do:

  • ASDE offers a wide variety of telephone samples, landline and cell numbers, consumer and business, and also related services.
  • Customer will provide the specific requirements and ASDE will work to get exactly what is wanted and needed quickly.
  • Establishes good communication with surveyee, to deliver the best samples and services.
  • ASDE Survey Sampler takes great pride in the quality of its services and products.

ASDE Company exists and it offers a wide variety of research samples. However, contrary to what people are saying on the forums, ASDE has a different phone number. Now the question is; is it possible that someone is trying to use the name of ASDE Inc. to make a fraudulent act?

What People Say About 1-800-672-2893

I let it go to voice mail as I thought it was more creditors after me :). Checked the message and its an automated recording saying they’re doing a nationwide survey in Canada, All the recording asked is if our household has a landline or cell phone only…. Don’t know what to make of it… Just let your voice mail pick it up. – Kevin

I have been getting calls from 800-672-2893 for weeks now on a daily basis. My standard telephone etiquette is to never answer a phone call unless I recognize the phone number. I simply let my voice mail pick up calls from unknown phone numbers. No voice mail message from 800-672-2893, so I assume it is a ‘junk’ call. – Gene

Transcript of the call:
Hello, I’m Louis from ASPE Inc.
located at 729 St Joseph Suite 201 in Gatineau QC
J8Y 4B6
Toll-free 1-800-672-2893
This will only take 30 seconds.
We’re doing a national study in Canada and I will only ask one question. I have nothing to sell.
In your home, do you have a phone line which is not a cell phone, if yes please press 1?
If you are a cell phone only household press 2
To repeat the question press 9 – posted by r4square

These are just some of the posts of the people on the online community forums who are receiving calls from 1-800-672-2893 and claiming that it was from ASDE Company. If you are one of those people who received the call, you can directly contact ASDE at 1-800-672-8150.

In Conclusion

There’s still no valid proof that 1-800-672-2893 number is from ASDE Inc. since they have a different phone number listed on their website. Whoever receives a call in the future, just be aware of all the spam and frauds happening all around.

If you have questions and concerns, you may leave them inside the comment box below. You can also share some of your suggestions and experiences encountered about receiving a call from the caller claiming ASDE.

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