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First of all, this is the number of Q-Link Wireless Lifeline service providers. It is one of the fastest growing service centers in America. Q-Link is offering free cell phones and unlimited calls with data connectivity, which is now a basic need of everyone life. Check the post for how you can get the service and who are eligible for this service.

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Important facts about Q-link

Q-Link Wireless is the federal Lifeline service providers. This Company provides free cell phones and free monthly minutes to millions of Americans whose income is low.

  1. Customers can choose from different free monthly minute plans.
  2. Q-Link Cell phone service has nationwide coverage and provides the ability to call national or international both.
  3. Subscribers get no monthly bills with no fees and no credit checks including no contracts also.
  4. The company also offers very affordable prepaid wireless cell phone service, for Lifeline and non-Lifeline subscribers.

For any service related queries, they have created a Help Center Page also. A screenshot is added for your help. If you find any of those question relevant to your query then click on this link and get your answer : https://qlinkwireless.com/support/

Q-Link Help Center

Customer Support on 1-855-754-6543

Q-Link Wireless provides free cell phones and Lifeline service to the Americans who are currently eligible for a government benefit program or meet certain income criteria for their state. Lifeline service has a limitation. It is limited to one account per household. Individual people of a family cannot have another Lifeline subscription. Hence if you think you are eligible for this offer then start your order for a free cell phone.

For contacting their customer support check the below table for knowing when their representatives are available.You can Call their customer support on this number: 1-855-754-6543

WeekDayTiming (Pacific Standard Time)
Monday9:00am- 5:00pm
Tuesday9:00am- 5:00pm
Wednesday9:00am- 5:00pm
Thursday9:00am- 5:00pm
Friday9:00am- 5:00pm

About the Company

Q -Link Wireless is known as one of the leading service providers of the Lifeline Assistance program. They are providing good -quality Lifeline cell phones and services to individuals who have low income within the United States. Q-Link offers user-friendly customer support on 1-855-754-6543 and affordable wireless services which can fulfill the customers’ expectation.

All customers who are approved for this service, they have to sign up for Q-Link Wireless Lifeline services. Then they can get a cell phone and monthly minutes, both for free. However, all the plans vary by state, but all  Lifeline subscribers who have applied via Q-Link Wireless’ enjoy with no monthly bills and no fees.

Additionally, Q-Link Wireless Lifeline services offer fast and reliable network coverage with affordable prepaid cell phone service. A subscriber whether he/she is active and non-active can use their Q-Link cell phone on a month-by-month basis and also can buy additional minutes on their plan.

Q-Link Services

Q-Link Wireless offers free and discounts on wireless services because they are the approved provider of the Federal Lifeline Assistance program. Today, being able to call family, friends, co-workers and any emergency services wirelessly is a basic need. So, Q-Link offers free cell phones and Lifeline service to millions of Americans, who cannot afford a mobile phone to achieve wireless services at reasonable prices.


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