1-866-576-1039 — Everything You Need to Know

Are you familiar with this number 1-866-576-1039, or are you having a transaction with that number these past few days? For your information, that number is owned by Uber. It is Uber’s International Customer Service Number that you can reach if you have inquiries or complaints about their services.


If you want to know more about Uber, please read on. It may be helpful to you in the future even if you are not a customer of the company. You can also avoid having worries when Uber’s phone number appeared on your cell phone’s screen or called on your landline. If you are currently receiving calls from unknown numbers, please see these posts from dotcomhouse to help you recognize the caller: 312-578-7022, 1-800-672-8150, 800-777-4681, 800-892-2253. So, let’s now delve into more important details about Uber.

1-866-576-1039: Uber International Customer Service Number

Uber is a transport network company that is located in San Francisco, California. It is known for cab services which can be transacted via mobile app and web browsers. Aside from that, Uber offers many services including but not limited to food delivery, bicycle sharing, and any other services. If you want to contact Uber for your inquiries and complaints, here is the list of the company’s contact number.

1-415-986-2104Uber Official Phone Number
1-866-576-1039International Customer Service Number
1-800-593-5994Emergency Contact Number
1-844-326-5774Support for Roadside Assistance
1-877-223-8023Customer Service Fax Number
1-855-23-7692Headquarter Technologies Customer Service
1-415-801-4068Direct Support Helpline number

About Uber

Uber is a transportation and delivery company founded by Travis Kalanick and Garett Camp in 2009. It was then called UberCab until 2011 then it expanded into other services such as food delivery and bicycle sharing. Uber operates in 785 metro areas all over the world. To access the services of Uber, you need to connect to your web browser or download the application on your mobile phone.

How UberCab Works

Normally if we need to ride a taxi or cab, we just need to wait beside the road until the unoccupied vehicle comes. When Uber started, it became easy for people to ride a cab without going through the hassle of calling the taxi company or waiting for the cab to pull over and pick you.

Uber works in an online industry where drivers and riders need to download a mobile app and create an account. If a person needs a ride, he/she will open the app to request for a ride. When the driver is nearby the place of pick up, he will be connected to you. The app will display the estimated location of the cab and notifies the passenger when the driver is about to arrive. The app will also provide information regarding the driver’s name, the type of vehicle, and the license plate number.

On Using Uber App

1.To use the service of Uber, you need to download and install the app from Google Play Store or App Store.

2. Launch Uber on your smartphone and allow the permission to access your current location. Then, create your account. Enter the following details (Mobile number, verification code, email address, name, password)

Uber Account

3. Once you have set up your account, you can now use its services. Enter your pick up location and the place where you are going. You will see a map which indicates the distance and travel time. Select a suggested pickup spot that is easy to find for the driver. Then, confirm the pickup location.

4. Choose which type of vehicle you want to ride. If 4-seaters or 6-seaters and confirm.

5. Add a payment method. If you will pay it cash or through credit/debit card.

6. After confirming your order, you can see details of vehicles nearby the place. It will also display the information of the vehicle and driver (name, type of vehicle, plate number) and the amount you have to pay.

7. Nothing to worry about after these process. All you have to do is to wait for the ride to come and pick you. Note. If you have complaints regarding the ride you have selected, please call Uber’s customer service at 1-866-576-1039.

Other Services of Uber

Uber Eats– Another service that Uber provides is the Uber Eat. Using the mobile app, you can easily ask foods for delivery with just a tap. Find the foods that you like from local restaurants or fast-food chains then order and pay using your Uber account. You can track the delivery in real time so you know when it is supposed to be delivered.

JUMP Bikes– Using Uber’s app, you can reserve a bike or scooter that you can use in parks. It is called Jump Bikes which was introduced by the company also.

Uber Health– It allows health care providers to make the arrangement of the patients’ ride back and forth to the place of appointment. They can send SMS to those who have no smartphones or a hard copy of the arrangement.

Uber Freight– The service of Uber Freight is similar to UberCab. The only difference is that it caters cargo trucks and shippers who deliver products overseas or from far places.

In Conclusion

These are some of the important information we can give you regarding 1-866-576-1039 which is currently owned by Uber. If ever you receive a call from Uber, do not hesitate to answer it. If there is something suspicious about the call report immediately to the authorities. It might be scammers that are trying to use the company’s number to steal information from home phone owners.

If you have questions and concerns, you may leave them in the comment section below. We will be glad to know your concerns.

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