1-877-430-2355 — Everything You Need to Know

Got a call from 1-877-430-2355? Check who has called you and for why? Go through the entire article you will get all details about the number

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About the Company

1-877-430-2355 is the number of Straight Talk wireless. Straight Talk is a mobile virtual network operator. That means they don’t run their own wireless network rather than they just purchase the right for using tower from T-Mobile, Sprint etc. Straight Talk Services offer you the best phones with best deals and sim card also. They are the American largest 4G LTE network.

Customer Support of 1-877-430-2355

For getting full detail information about different services like Checking Balance, Service End Date, Mobile Hotspot, Phone Upgrades, tracking your order, etc you can call on 1-877-430-2355. In case if you are an existing customer, you have to provide your Straight Talk Serial Number and Straight Talk Cell Phone Number when contacting to Straight Talk customer service. They have several numbers for various services.

For the phone support and mobile hotspot, the customer care no is 1-877-430-2355; and for any Sim related information, you can call at 1-855-222-2355, for Home Phone call at 1-800-299-7784.

The Service Hours of Customer support is in the table below :

WeekDayTiming (Eastern Standard Time)
Monday8:00am- 11:45pm
Tuesday8:00am- 11:45pm
Wednesday8:00am- 11:45pm
Thursday8:00am- 11:45pm
Friday8:00am- 11:45pm
Saturday8:00am- 11:45pm
Sunday8:00am- 11:45pm

Want to know more information about Straight Talk Service? Check this screenshot, if you find this question relevant then go visit their FAQ section.

Straight Talk FAQ

Why Straight Talk Wireless?

There are some reasons for which you can choose Straight Talk cellular service because they have no contracts with the customer and they offer an affordable price for their service by comparing to others. As a result, you will get good services at low price.

  • In Straight talk, you don’t have to sign any contracts with their network. There is also no credit checks, any activation fees or any other bills also. They give the best network coverage with the most dependable 4G LTE network.
  • They have the best plans of unlimited talk & text plus the high-speed network with the most affordable rates.
  • Straight Talk is offering the best smartphones at an unbeatable price.
  • If you love your old phone, then you can just change your talk plan with Straight Talk plan and enjoy their services.

So for switching to Straight Talk Plan, firstly what you have to do just select the service you need. You can use their service whether you are using a new phone or tablets or any home phone services. They have also covered mobile hotspot also by which you can stay connected with all devices by an affordable price.

Then you have to pick a plan of your choices. You will find the no-contract plan with high-speed data with unlimited talk and text plans on this 4G LTE networks. You just need to have a compatible 4G LTE phone for enjoying the high-speed connectivity.

Now, what you have to do just activate your service. Once you have got your plan in your place, you are ready to activate.

For activating the service firstly, you have to call on 1-877-430-2355. Then you have to activate the service online. After that, You have to message in 611611. What you have to text on that number for starting your service, that information will be given by Straight Talk. If you have any doubt about activating the service, go visit their site’s FAQ section.

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