800-266-2278 — Everything You Need to Know

Getting annoying calls or too many calls from this number? if that’s the case, this article can assist you to figure out who’s contacting you and why they’re calling. Continue reading to assuage your fears and learn what to do if this number calls you. Continue reading to assuage your fears and learn what to do if this number calls you. If you recently received a call from this number asking you irrelevant questions, contact the company’s customer care to double-check. Read on to know more and protect yourself from scam calls.


Getting calls from unknown numbers a few times a day can be disgusting. Phone numbers can be easily spoofed since there are many fraudsters and scammers today. They will try to steal any of your useful information most especially your bank account until you realized you have nothing left in your bank.

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800-266-2278: Who Owns this Number

When you type the number 800-266-2278 on Google, it will display results which indicate the owner of this number. The call you are receiving is from Comcast Xfinity and it has been verified from one of the internet forums where a Comcast employee replied to some of the users’ complaints.

Actually, many complaints have been made and people are aware that it can be a scam. Well, no one knows until you answer the call and ask what is going on. However, Comcast has been very accommodating that they tried to answer the questions that were raised on their community forums.

To fully understand, let us know what is Comcast, who are the people behind the calls, and what are the purposes of the calls. Here are some of the facts regarding Comcast.

All About Comcast

  • It is an American telecommunications company located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • It is one of the largest broadcasting and cable companies which ranked as second in terms of revenue.
  • Comcast is the largest Internet Service Provider and TV cable company in the US.
  • Comcast owned the NBC Universal company since 2011 and became a producer of films and TV programs.
  • It operates the Xfinity which offers digital cable TV, internet and telephone services.

Why Does Comcast Xfinity Call You

There are a few reasons why a certain company calls you. Their purposes are to offer new products and services, to inquire and verify your existing accounts, and many more. If you receive calls from Comcast, it is likely because you are a customer and you have subscribed to one of their services.

According to Comcast community forums, users are receiving calls more than one time a day. The call is usually about informing the customers of the existing balance on their accounts which will cause to cut the services offered by Xfinity. That is the reason why there are many complaints have been made because it has been reported that the receivers of the call have no existing balance and that they are updated on their payments.

To resolve the issue, Comcast Xfinity put the home phone numbers to Do Not Call list. However, the company did not explain the reason why the call has been made.

In Conclusion

The number 800-266-2278 is owned by Comcast Xfinity. Some reasons why a firm may contact you include promoting new products and services, inquiring about and verifying your existing accounts, and more. If you’re getting calls from Comcast, it’s probably because you’re a customer who’s signed up for one of their services. If you have recently received a call from this number asking you irrelevant questions, try to reach out the company’s customer service to verify. Also, do not give any personal information if you are not sure who placed the call and what is the purpose of such call. Avoid billions of calls that are fake calls about your wireless service!

If you have questions about phone call scams, phone caller, phone users, Comcast Customer Service or anything from the company and even concerns, kindly leave them inside the comment box below. We’ll be glad to help you.

4 thoughts on “800-266-2278 — Everything You Need to Know”

  1. Received a call from 800-266-2278 a bit ago (6/11/2019) and the man asked for someone who is not at this phone number so he thanked me and hung up

  2. Idiots keep calling me. It is all because I needed Comcast to fix the box on outside of my house. Morons keep calling me to have me test box and recycle cable connection. The worst company EVER!

  3. Why do they give the employee number first, it means nothing if you can’t verify the number. Why don’t you send a questionnaire to determine if I want anything from Comcast?

  4. I received two calls back to back. The first time I answered and the man with a foreign accent said he needed to reset my router. I hung up after telling him I wasn’t interested in his scam. I received another call and he asked if he had taken any money from my pocket. I said no but I’m not interested in your scam. He said he needed to reset my Comcast Router. Well it’s my router, not Comcast’s router so I don’t think he needs to reset my router. His call kept breaking up and when I asked him what he was saying and told him his phone was breaking up he hung up on me. Interesting how I recently (two days ago) changed my service level and now I am getting scan calls.


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