800-331-0500 — Everything You Need to Know

Are you receiving calls from 800-331-0500, or have you ever done business with this number? AT&T Incorporated owns this number and uses it to give technical support to customers! Here is an article where you can get information about everything you need to know about this number.


But there are reports of spam calls using the AT&T’s phone number. So, where did the call came from, and, who made the call?Scammers are everywhere and they will do everything to spoof a phone number to scam people since it is now easy to manipulate and fake a call. They are using names of large companies or famous individuals to steal information to others. That’s why it is not surprising to get a call from the companies’ phone numbers and make transactions that are not related to such company’s services.

There are many instances that unknown calls are coming from survey companies such as 312-578-7022 (CDC) and 1-800-672-2893 (ASDE). Other companies like Spectrum (800-892-2253) and DirecTV (1-800-531-5000) call their clients to offer their newest products. Now the biggest question is: If the number 800-331-0500 is owned by AT&T, who placed a suspicious call and to what purpose?

800-331-0500: Getting Calls from AT&T

First of all, it is a must to know the AT&T and all the services it provides (for those who have heard of it for the first time). In that way, you will learn that the company exists and operates legitimately.

To begin with, AT&T is:

  • An American multinational conglomerate holding company which is located in Whitacre Tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas.
  • AT&T is the world’s largest telecom company.
  • It is the second largest provider of mobile telephone services.
  • It is also the largest provider of fixed telephone services in the United States.
  • On June 2018, AT&T started to be the parent company of a mass media conglomerate – the WarnerMedia. It became the world’s largest media and entertainment company.
  • In 2018, AT&T ranked no. 9 as the largest corporations in the United States in terms of total revenue.

Products and Services of AT&T

  1. Satellite Television
  2. Fixed-line telephony
  3. Mobile telephony
  4. Broadband
  5. Digital Television
  6. Home Security
  7. IPTV
  8. OTT services
  9. Network security
  10. Film production
  11. Television production
  12. Cable television
  13. Pay Television
  14. Publishing
  15. Podcasts
  16. Sports management
  17. News Agency
  18. Video games

Given the facts above, you can assume that AT&T will not do any fraudulent act just to take advantage of its consumers. There are posts on the internet that upon receiving a call from 800-331-0500 which is said to be from AT&T, the telephone owner has been charged with few dollars on their bill.

However, there are no reports that the call was verified to be placed by AT&T and the people from the company. But AT&T made a refund of the charges charged to the home phone owners who received a call from the number 800-331-0500 which happened to be the phone number of the company’s technical support.

When in Doubt

Once you verify that the call was not made by AT&T and any of its employees, the first thing to do is to report it from the authorities. If ever you need assistance from AT&T, please refer to the following list of phone numbers which are associated with AT&T.

1-877-557-1560New Internet, TV, or Telephone Customers
1-800-288-2020Current Customers (Customer Service)
1-855-510-9745New Wireless Customers
1-855-238-7799Upgrade Existing Wireless Service
1-800-331-0500Wireless Technical Support (and other services)
1-877-557-1560New Customers (Order)
844-428-9440Order AT&T Internet
844-569-3703AT&T New Phone Customers
1-844-312-0581AT&T Sales Agent

In Conclusion

It’s possible that calls from 800-331-0500 are from AT&T, but be wary of unknown calls that you receive from time to time. It is preferable to check the phone number first and then report any suspicious activity to the police.

Once you’ve established that the call was not made by AT&T or one of its employees, the next step is to notify the authorities. A company may contact you for a variety of reasons, including to promote new products and services, to inquire about and verify your existing accounts, and more.

You should also try to contact the AT&T if there has been a possible mistake on their part. I believe they would be willing to help if you have any issues with them.

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