916-589-8603 — Everything You Need to Know

Have you encountered the number 916-589-8603 on your call logs? It is a number from Verizon Wireless which they use to survey customer’s satisfaction upon using the Customer Help feature.


However, not all people are participative enough to answer the questionnaire. They thought that all calls regarding a survey are a scam.

In addition to that, recipients report the number and post as a spam call. This incident happens almost every day. Now that the issue about Verizon’s number has been raised over the internet, we tried to make a post regarding this topic.

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916-589-8603: Verizo Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customers’ satisfaction is important to companies who offer goods and services. They prioritize the needs of their users that’s why they exert their effort and spend their time meeting those needs. But not all customers can be satisfied with what the company is offering especially when it comes to the handling inquiries and complaints.

This is the reason why businesses hire people to manage and handle customers’ satisfaction. To know the feedback of the consumers, they conduct surveys and make questionnaires. By using this strategy, the company will be aware of what the people are thinking.

Verizon Wireless, in particular, has been conducting customer satisfaction survey over the phone. They use the number 916-589-8603 to call the users and ask how the agent handled the queries made. They may also ask about the experience in using their products and services.

What to Do with a Survey Call

In case you receive a call from 916-589-8603 (Verizon), do the following: By doing these, you can protect yourself and your privacy from scammers.

  1. Upon answering the call, ask who the caller is and where the call is coming from.
  2. Next ask what is the purpose of the call if it is not clear to you.
  3. Answer the questionnaire if it is regarding the products and services to which you are subscribed.
  4. If there are misleading and unrelated questions, politely hang the call and report to the authorities. Do not reveal any important details about you.
  5. Verify the call by sending inquiries to Verizon through email, chat, and phone call.

How to Contact Verizon Wireless

Verizon has given its customers ways to contact the company in case of assistance. You may reach Verizon through the following details:

800-922-0204Verizon Customer Service Hotline
888-294-6804Customer Service (Prepaid Accounts)
888-262-1999National Accessibility
800-225-5499Sales and Consumers
800-465-4054Sales and Business

In Conclusion

We hope this post helped you traced who has been calling you using the number 916-589-8603. You may also visit Verizon Wireless website to know their products and services.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us. We are here to help you.

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