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Nowadays, people are getting scammed through phone calls. And it is really hard to get back on your feet if you experienced dealing with frauds and scammers. That is the reason why we need to be knowledgeable enough to determine a scam call and a legit call, especially when it comes with financial and banking transactions.

DevDiscussions is here to help you. We are ready to provide you with knowledge and necessary information on how you can deal with scammers. In here, you can also find a list of customer care numbers of large companies in US.

We also have posts about Chase and PayPal that will guide you in creating your account, activating and verifying your cards, increasing your credit line, and many more.

If in case you need help, do not hesitate to contact our team from the following details below.

Meet the Team

Meet the people behind Dot Com House

Frank Johnson (B.Sc & Ph.D)
CEO and Founder

“Money is not everything in this world” This is Oliver’s adage since he became a functioning volunteer educator. He trains using computer for free while working in a web advancement organization.

Sonia Woodrow (BS.IT)
Content Writer

Sonia sleeps with her pen and notepad at her bedside. “Ideas keep coming and I need to write them as soon as I have them in my head, otherwise another idea will come by although a lot of times it is better than the former”


Anton Ruiz De La Vega (BS.IT)
Web Developer

Anton has major regard for programming and versatile application engineer. He is an effective web designer advancing toward carving a name in application advancement.


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