Chase Customer Service Phone Number, Email (Hours to Call)

Here are chase customer service phone numbers which you can call. Chase bank email IDs and other contact details are mentioned here also.

Chase Customer Service

Every now and then you come across some issues with your Chase account. It is normal. All companies with the same or similar services experience issues. Nothing is perfect. But if by chance that your account encounters a problem, it is always easy to contact Chase Customer Service.

If you do not know how to reach them, this is what the article is all about. We will tell you how to contact Chase Customer Service and how it should work out for you.

Ways to contact Chase Customer Service

There are four ways to contact Chase Customer Service. And any of them is always available for your entire Chase related queries. Whether it is to check Chase credit card application status, requesting increase Chase credit limit, or simply activate Chase credit card, here are the ways to reach them. Those are:

  • Hotline
  • Email
  • Snail mail
  • Twitter


If you prefer calling Chase Customer Service, that is a good idea. You can get an instant answer to your queries because you can talk to their customer service in real time. Just make sure you address them all your concerns. Better yet, write all your questions first before you call them. In this way, you will not be able to forget anything once the conversation has started. Here are the numbers where you can reach them:

  • 1-800-935-9935 – Toll-Free Hotline
  • (U.S. only) 1-877-242-7372
  • Outside the U.S.:  1-713-262-3300
  • TTY/TDD Machines: 1-800-CHASETD, (1-800-242-7383)


If the outgoing call is not accessible to you at the moment, you may still contact their customer service through email. All you have to do is log in to your Chase account and use the Secure Message Center. Any message you send and receive will be available here and also to your personal email address.

Snail Mail

If you are not in such a rush and you want to take your time, Chase has a way for you. You can go old school and send them the traditional mail. Of course, in order for you to mail them, you need their address. Here it is.

Mailing Address:

  • National Bank By Mail
  • P O Box 36520
  • Louisville, KY 40233-6520

Deliveries via courier:

  • National Bank By Mail
  • Mail Code KY1-0900
  • 416 West Jefferson, Floor L1
  • Louisville, KY, 40202-3202, United States


For those who are into social media, well, Chase has a solution for you. You may reach their customer service via Twitter. Just use the @ChaseSupport as the company’s handle.

There is one important reminder when you use the social media when addressing your queries and questions. Never ever share any personal information when using Chase’s Twitter handle. Otherwise, your account will be compromised. Just use a typical question without leaving any important and crucial details. That’s it.

If you have other questions or even suggestions, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section. We will try to respond to your queries as soon as we read them.

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