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Want to know about The company was founded in 1954 and is based in Colleyville, Texas. The first prime card is unconcerned with any other credit cards you may or may not have. It was designed to give you more flexibility, so no matter what your current financial position is, you can rest assured that your is as yet the correct credit card for you!

On the web and mobile-first premier online and mobile banking are free and highlight rich, giving you every minute of everyday access and control over your records. Enlist today’s business banking for your security; enlistment for online business banking and mobile business banking must happen at a first premier bank area by an authorized signer of the record. In case you are facing issues discovering all these affirmation codes, joins, and different catches, at that point, there is another helpful method that you may attempt.


Chief protect encourages you to decrease any credit card obligation by bringing down your regularly scheduled installment sum by 15%. login account balance credit cards are truly helpful for making exchanges and buys. For higher-income individuals, additional spending adaptability and payment options you’ll cherish. Part login – Fingerhut welcome to your benefits control day in and day out. 

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  • On the enrollment page, you will see the field to enter your account number and social security number. 
  • Guarantee your personal checking account has sufficient funds to cover installments and buys. Visa sign up for online statements and letters, survey exchange history, take care of tabs online and see your present parity and available credit. 
  • The data that will be mentioned comprises full name, residential location, full subtleties of your loft, including postal location, and, at long last, the last four digits of your social security number, which is basic in checking your character. 
  • The contribution is made simple, with turn-key online access and personal advice and backing. You can round out the application online; however, the best way to discover that application (if not promptly endorsed or denied) is to call customer service.

How to apply for the first premier bank credit card online? 

You ought to have your first premier MasterCard close by around fourteen days after you were endorsed. 

  • Login to myenroll: user id: password: login 
  • There is no yearly expense or monthly balance payment with this card: no application expense and adaptable repayment options. 


The best element that this card offers is how you needn’t bother with a credit card to have it. If you have made sure about credit cards, you can likewise get the capacity to set up cautions, so you know when your equalization is excessively high or when you have to add cash to your record. Another advantage that individuals will see when they utilize their premier card is to shop at any spot that acknowledges the visa or MasterCard. 

  • Electronic bills (ebills) are online renditions of paper bills that you get, view, and cover through tab pay. You can print e-bills for your records and set updates for yourself to pay the e-bill when the installment is expected. Connection your debit card to a mobile wallet to speed your way through checkout. 
  • Individual information to permit the first premier bank to find your application, kindly give one of the accompanying: notice to California residents: this site gathers personal information subject to the California consumer privacy act. 
  • Loaning that’s always personal streamlined home mortgage access to 33,000+ surcharge-free ATMs, free mobile and online banking with being very grateful for my 21 years as a component of the premier family. 
  • Riches management private banking involved financial and investment planning, portfolio management, estate planning, and personal trust services. 
  • Students and parents stay associated, transfer funds effectively, and the screen going through the first premier bank. The premier kids club savings account helps kids 12 and under become familiar with the benefit of sparing early. 
  • Check adjusts, transfer funds, take care of tabs, see e-statements any time. 
  • Get extra purchasing power and money when you need it with a basic revolving line of credit. 
  • Store home improvements, solidify obligation, or different costs with this secured line of credit. 
  • They contribute simple-to-complex contributing, money related, and retirement arranging and investment management for speculators at any life stage. 
  • Serious mortgage rates with the online application, fast processing, local decisions, and personal support. 
  • Investigate spending patterns, plan a financial plan, and more with these free tools. 
  • Influence your home equity to assist finance with homing projects and acquire ideal rates and terms or merge obligations.

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The best feature of this card is that it does not require you to have a credit card to use it. If you’ve made a commitment to credit cards, you’ll be able to set up alerts so you’ll know when your balance is too high or when you need to contribute money to your account. Another advantage that people will notice when they use their elite card is the ability to shop at any location that accepts Visa or MasterCard.

Individuals check flexible personal checking accounts with free online and mobile banking, Billpay, e-statements, and mobile deposit, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Billpay, this free feature of online and mobile banking, lets you plan installments rapidly and effectively, unlimited access, overseeing bill payment from one spot. You’ve got an array of savings options. All these extra features and special features granted to the customers are truly one of it’s kind.

Our mobile app places the highlights of online banking in the palm of your hand. Wallethub is not a financial advisor, law office, legal counselor referral service, or a substitute for a financial advisor, lawyer, or law office.  Flexible options for loan payment, flexible repayment options, savings options and term options. 

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