How To Get Grammarly Premium For Free – Easy Ways

Grammar can be really tricky sometimes. Especially if you are trying to write without any errors and grammatical mistakes. What if I tell you there is software that can help you with that? If you’re a writer, you’ve probably heard about a variety of writing tools. One of them is Grammarly. This AI-based software is more than just a writing tool; it also helps users improve their writing and language skills. We now understand that excellent things do not come for free. This extremely useful tool is not without a cost. Also a beginner-friendly content writing tool. And today, I’ll show you how to Premium Grammarly account for free.

Before we proceed, let’s have a look at how this grammar checker works. Many of you are already familiar with the features of this tool. For the rest, read on to know more!


What is Grammarly? How Does it Work?

As mentioned, it is a writing tool that helps correct spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, vocabulary enhancement, plagiarism checking, and so on. Along with that, it helps you with your Facebook posts and other social media posts as well. 

You can use Grammarly in many ways. Individual users can download the mobile app from Google Play Store on Android devices and from Apple Store on iOS devices. Also, Chrome users can get it from Chrome Extensions. Check out these points why you need Grammarly software:

  • Opting you to make corrections as you write down your sentences.
  • Checks your writing for punctuation mistakes and grammatical mistakes par to the writing activity.
  • It saves time on checking plagiarism when you would have to use a different application for this purpose.
  • It gives statistics on your writing, some of which include readability, placement of words, among many other statistics.

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Grammarly Free vs Grammarly Premium

When it comes to benefits, premium Grammarly accounts overshadowed the free version. Let us mention a few things about Grammarly Premium. It is inevitable that the premiums give you more accurate results than a free one. Here are some important benefits you will get from the premium account: 

Grammarly Premium Benefits

Compare to the premium one; a free account provides very limited services. Other than spell and grammar checking, the tool does not do much. You will still be able to use the chrome extension to improve your Facebook posts, though. However, for professional and proper writing, premium accounts are needed. You can try Grammarly Premium free trial to see the results.

How to Get Grammarly Premium for Free

Grammarly premiums are available at three prices. Premium packages at monthly, quarterly plans, and yearly premium plans. It is true that the premium features are much more helpful than the free version. However, the cost of having a premium account service is a little bit high for some users, especially students. The below assistance with getting Grammarly Premium for free might be helpful.

1. Download Grammarly Premium Free Trial Version

This is the easiest way to get a premium account. You need to go to the official website of Grammarly and opt-in for a Trial Period. Sign-up with your email address and select the 30-day Trial Period option.

You may need to provide your PayPal or other payment methods. But no subscription fee will be charged before the 30-day period. You can cancel your free trial anytime you want. 

2. Promotion

The second option to avoid premium prices and get the premiums is through promotion. Grammarly team offers Grammarly affiliate programs. You can opt for those programs, promote the tool, and get the premium account for free. Affiliate programs also help you earn some extra penny by promoting the software.

3. Grammarly Premium Through Codes

Access codes are provided by the institutions. It is solely for educational purposes. Students who are opting for Grammarly premiums can sign-up on the Grammarly Edu site. 

  • Sign-up with an email address on the Grammarly Edu site. 
  • Verify your account by clicking on the link sent to your email address. 
  • Provide the access code to the specific box on the site. The codes will be provided by your college/institution. 
  • You will get Grammarly Upgraded Version. You can enjoy premium grammar rules without spending any money. 

Access codes come with expiration dates. That means they don’t stay forever. After a certain time, you cannot use these codes to get a premium account. 

Here are some Codes for your Grammarly Account

  • Wn0Jiy28B2PW
  • o56LmR4GneJc
  • r7d9Bi6afon0
  • djPY848Wfa2y
  • 10g68DpyiEdj
  • NfsZA76c1Kqz
  • gwB45KpEFi83
  • 9mLwgQBvE15b
  • KS7Gx0PbWosp
  • Ft3R4aq39x49

Some important notes with the Grammarly Premium Trial Version

Most of us believe in experimenting if the Grammarly Premium version is any different from the normal version. However, it is also an additional benefit to make use of the trial version before buying it. It helps with extended periods of Grammarly Premium. If you remember, we did mention earlier that Grammarly Premium suits the best native speakers. Although, the Grammarly Premium versions suit each one of us.

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Points to be Noted

  • Despite the Grammarly Trial Version is free for the trial’s purpose, you will still need to pay a fixed price which will be refunded later on.
  • You will not have an instant Grammarly Premium account during the trial period.
  • The referral program might have been discontinued due to various reasons.
  • When you apply for the Grammarly Trial Version through affiliate programs, you will have to be patient for 2-3 business days until Grammarly verifies your account.
  • When you opt in to try Grammarly Premium with codes, we cannot be sure how long the code might help you enjoy the Grammarly Premium services. It might be for a permanent period or for a shorter version of the Grammarly Premium.


Grammarly is a writing tool that corrects spelling and grammatical problems, improves vocabulary, and checks plagiarism, among other things. It also assists you with your Instagram, Facebook, and other social media posts. There are also annual plans and also monthly plan to choose from. Grammarly has become one of the best on the writing tools list.

If you spend your days composing emails, producing blogs, or working on school assignments, you should give Grammarly a try and see how much better you can be with its help. With the current technical breakthroughs in place, Grammarly takes its stance in achieving and making your writings professional and readable.

Grammarly Premium can also reflect many ways to improve the writing style for someone who is a native speaker. All the additional statistics and suggestions that are prompted parallel to your writing tasks make it a commendable application to use as a writing tool. It makes the writing a more creative approach with its added features like a plagiarism checker, among many other features. Make correction for spelling mistakes. It is an excellent plagiarism tool, and for plagiarism check ( with the plagiarism checking option). 

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