Is PayPal Safe? Know The Risks of PayPal

Is PayPal Safe? Well if you have this question in your head then we can assume that you are new to PayPal. Obviously, as a new user of PayPal, you have quite a lot of questions in your head.


Questions like is PayPal safe to receive money? Is PayPal safe for sellers? Is PayPal safe for debit cards? Is PayPal safe for Craigslist? Is PayPal safe for buyers? Or is PayPal safe to use just about anywhere online?

PayPal is one of the oldest yet best online platforms to send or receive money. Even PayPal is one of the most common gateways that we get to see on international shopping websites.

However, whenever we signup for a PayPal account we are asked to link our credit cards and bank accounts. So the question is how safe PayPal really is? Because frankly, putting the access details of our money online is really risky.

Well, in a single sentence the answer should be, yes, PayPal is completely safe. But that does not mean that you should completely trust the platform? Unfortunately, nothing is safe online. So there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind as a buyer and a seller.

Tips for PayPal Safe Buying

If you plan to buy stuff using your PayPal then there are a couple of tips that we have for you. So let’s just check them out:

Security software: Well, if you are using a smartphone to make purchases through PayPal make sure to always use the updated PayPal app from Google Play Store. The developers over at PayPal are always making sure that all transactions done over the app is of safest as much as possible.

Avoid public Wi-fi: It is a little scary but hackers can hack access to your account when you are using a public Wi-fi. So make sure to avoid public Wi-fi network while doing financial transactions. If you really need to access PayPal, just use your mobile data.

Use a credit card: Whenever you make a transaction on PayPal. Make sure you are using a credit card instead of a debit card or direct bank transfer. This way, if a transaction is made without your consent as it is compromised, you can always file a dispute.

Use a dedicated computer: For a risk-free transaction, always use a dedicated computer for all your financial online activities. And to be safer, do not use that computer for any other online activities such as web surfing or visiting shady sites.

Avoid Spammy Emails: Emails that you are not familiar with are often dangerous nowadays. So if you do not know the origin of an email, do not click on it especially the links that accompany the email itself. Most of the time, they have trojans and malware in them. For the last time, avoid spam emails.

Tips for Safe Selling

If you are a seller who is using PayPal for receiving money. Then there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind to keep PayPal safe on your end. Let’s talk about those things one by one:

  • Make sure you are shipping only to the verified addresses.
  • Do not deliver the product in person. Instead sent the product via courier service. As it is good to have the proof of delivery.
  • Ask for a signature on each product that you are delivering.
  • Make sure you have clearly explained what you are selling. Add a product description, its features, and its limitations. Also, do include photos of the product.
  • Talk to the unhappy customers in a polite way.

However, if you still need more clarification about your problems regarding PayPal you may contact them through their resolution center where you can file a complaint regarding a sale via PayPal customer service number 402-935-7733. Buyer and seller both can file a case. However, if you decide to file a complain make sure you have strong proofs regarding the issue. Also, PayPal takes a little time to solve the case. Also if the judgment goes against your claim you can not do anything.

Anyway if you have further questions do comment below. And we will surely help you out.

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