M7111-1331-2206 Netflix Error Fixed (get the easiest solution)

Have you ever seen a Netflix error with a code “M7111-1331-2206?” This error code occurs while you are streaming on Netflix which is usually caused by unblocker or proxy. Meaning, it is not an error with the Netflix itself but it is something to be fixed on your web browser. To fix the error you have encountered while streaming on Netflix, we have here some guide which can help you solve this common problem.

Like the error code M7111-1331-5059, the unblocker or proxy issue on Netflix may also occur due to other reasons. However, the very first reason is that the information stored on your web browser is outdated and it needs to be refreshed. But why does the error happens? Are there any solutions easy solution to this problem? If so, what are they?

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M7111-1331-2206: What Causes this Error

These are some of the reasons why there is an error occurs on Netflix. You maybe has the same problem in the list. Note: You need to be connected to the internet to fix this Netflix error.

  • Netflix server is down.
  • The information stored on your browser is outdated.
  • You have installed a software that blocks the Netflix to stream smoothly.
  • Unavailable proxy.

How to Fix M7111-1331-2206 Error

Solution 1: Turn off Proxy on Web Browser

  • Step 1. Go to your Chrome Browser settings. Click the three vertical dots on the upper right corner of your browser.
  • Step 2. Click on Settings.
  • Step 3. Scroll down and click on Advance.
  • Step 4. Open the Proxy Settings.
  • Step 5. Click on LAN and uncheck the proxy if you are using it.
  • Step 6. Close the settings and go back to Netflix. Refresh your browser and see if the problem has been fixed.

If the error still occurs, move on to the next solution. In this solution you can possibly resolve the problem.

Solution 2. Clear Browsing Data

The most relevant solution for fixing M7111-1331-2206 error is to clear your browsing data or history. This error may be caused by outdated information which needs to be refreshed. Sometimes, the bookmarks on your browser also cause this error to occur.

Before clearing your browser’s data, go to Incognito and try accessing Netflix. If you accessed the Netflix, then the reason for the error is the outdated data on your browser. To fix the error, refer to the following steps.

  • Step 1. Type chrome://settings in the address bar and hit Enter to easily access the Chrome settings.
  • Step 2. Scroll down and click on Advance.
  • Step 3. Find the option for Clear Browsing History and click on it.
  • Step 4. Tick all the history including browsing, cookies and cache. Then, click “Clear Data.”

After doing all the steps, close the Chrome settings and open a new tab. Try to access the Netflix by typing the web address manually. You should now be able to fix the error.

In Conclusion

That’s how you can fix the M7111-1331-2206 error on Netflix. These solutions are easy to do and you will be able to fix the problem instantly. If you have questions, concerns and suggestion, please do let us know in the comment section below. We’ll try to help you with whatever we can.

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