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Want to stay updated to live Gymnastic Scores? Meetscoresonline (MSO) has been scanning YouTube for videos to include in the meet scores for that event. Meetscoresonline makes use of the following innovations: Youtube follow-up on meetscoresonline embedded Youtube videos, OpenX ad exchange, Innovid, Google Forms The 2009 Men’s Jo Nationals have been completed for about fourteen days, and the Youtube clips are still pouring in. Meetscoresonline is a free website that publishes real-time gymnastics results from Proscore, Scoremaster, and other major scoring software companies. If you find any errors, please notify your mentors, who will contact us to resolve the problem.


Meetscoresonline offers a free service for distributing live gymnastic results from Proscore, Scoremaster and other driving scoring programming sellers. MSO might want to incorporate more gymnasts, so in the event that you have recordings, kindly post them to Youtube and send the connections to MSO follow their pennant underneath for additional information and how to enroll. 

All Around Gymnasts In The Events:

  • Adriel Perales-Valencia 
  • Gym World Central Taylor Christopulos 
  • USA Gym World Mark Berlaga 
  • Sb Gymnastics Sean Shimizu 
  • Wcoga David Rauchwerger
  •  Accel Emmit Glover 
  • All American Floor Kaien Orion 
  • Gymnastics Olympica Zach Connelly 
  • USA Gym World Brandon Rhode 
  • Gym World Central Pommel Jesse
  • Lee Pakele 

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  • Hawaiian Twisters Sam Stinsa 
  • Prairie Gymnastics Tristan Warburton 
  • High Sierra Rings Tyler Shimizui 
  • Wcoga Jeffery Ladd 
  • Gym World Central Arun Chhetri  
  • Gymnastics Olympica Vault Savion Perea  
  • International Gym Oliver Sons 
  • Eric Will Colin Flores  
  • Wcoga Parallel Bars 
  • Tyler Shimizu 
  • Wcoga Cole Partridge 
  • USA Gym World Arun Chhetri 
  • Gymnastics Olympica High Bar Tyler Shimizu 
  •  Wcoga Jaden Laubstein 
  •  Head Over Heels Kyle Mayotte 

Prairie Gymnastics results for all JO meetings will be recorded at go to meet scores online and sign up with your email address to get news and updates. 

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Included events the accompanying occasions are protected and prepared for the 2021-2022 rivalry season! They are completely following strict CDC guidelines for event gatherings under covid-19 restrictions and welcome you to go along with them for rivalry! 2021 fall spectacular will showcase recent scores if the meet has begun and you don’t see the scores yet, then you can directly send the meet director a friendly email and solicit them. 2021 girls just wanna have fun awaiting scores if the meet has begun and you don’t see the scores yet, you can without hesitation send the meet director a friendly email and solicit them! Get real-time scores and other score features.

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