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Department of Community Services The public access department acts as the keeper of public records for the Sarasota county clerk of the circuit court and the county comptroller, allowing residents access to many of the clerk’s and comptroller’s records. Accessible forms statewide official records search offers statewide official records index look. Â pay child support non-custodial guardians, and businesses can pay online with a credit card or direct charge from a ledger.

Accessing Your Official Records In Myfloridacounty

According to the supreme court of Florida administrative order 18-16, court records standards for access to electronic court documents and security matrix. The overall population is currently allowed to see many court records on the web. It is likewise critical to verify that you have furnished the domestic relations division with your social security number – it isn’t a freely available report, however, it should be utilized to get installment data from the mechanized framework. 

Make certain to utilize your nine (9) digit case number, including zeros, when endeavoring to get to installment data. Government access agreement non-government access agreement. If you require extra data, you may contact the records division of the office of the clerk and comptroller at (352) 521-4469, (352) 521-4518, or (352) 521-4534. 

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We anticipate helping you public records review board records, including gatherings and plans of the board of county commissioners (bocc), the value adjustment board, planning commission, and the current Sarasota county charter. It would be ideal if you incorporate the name, a long time to look, case number (if appropriate), record required, and any extra data are accessible to you that will help the clerk and comptroller’s office in satisfying your solicitation.


Perks of myfloridacounty

  • From 1990 to the present, pictures are distinguishable online by general society except for the accompanying limited archive types: documents identified with probate or family law cases, military discharges, and death certificates. 
  • Get affirmation of installment after effectively finishing the payment process. Installments made before 3:30 pm est by electronic check (from your financial balance) are prepared and shipped off guardians inside seven business days. 
  • Pay with a credit card or electronic check this site: there are no charges when making an installment by electronic check. 
  • Handling times: payments made with a credit card are prepared and shipped off guardians inside four business days. 
  • Required fees one-time non-refundable setup charge of $35 to account endorsers minimum store in the measure of $125 to open an escrow account $40 yearly membership expense Nikki Alvarez-sowles, Esq. 

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Making a record gives you a rebate on all the records you request and accelerates your payment process. For more data concerning accessible records accessible and administrations by the clerk and comptroller’s public access department, kindly call (941) 861-7400. Report additionally incorporates the name, current location (when accessible), telephone organization, association status, and the sky’s the limit from there.


When looking for payment information, make sure you use your nine (9) digit case number, including zeros. Government-to-government and non-government-to-government access agreements exist.

You can keep an eye on installments by utilizing the accompanying choices: Florida state disbursement unit customer service, 1-877-769-0251 child support eservices, on the off chance that you have a case with us clerks of court site at parents who have a case with us can without much of a stretch get their payment history utilizing their eservices account. On the off chance that you have any inquiries concerning a court record search, visit the site and click-on contact. ou can post questions about child support payment, mail payments, Child-Support Payment Services, options for payment, Florida Tax Collectors, payment verification process, forms of payment, credit card payments or anything from the article in the comment box below.

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