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Indeed, more and more people avoid carrying cash to purchase stuff or services in-store or online. Thus, they get gift cards, which they even send to friends or families as gifts, so their loved ones could choose how to spend it. However, how do you check your card’s balance? Read through and learn about MyGiftCardSite to help you with it!

my gift card site (mygiftcardsite)

There are numerous websites and apps where you can check your card information. The US Bank has created Mygiftcardsite to assist its customers. This can provide all of the necessary information about their US Bank gift card. Cardholders may type in to go to the official website. 

All cardholders are encouraged to register their gift card on Mygiftcardsite to keep track of their usage, see their card information at once, check the card balance anytime from their mobile or computer, and see transaction history for their card. More importantly, after registering your gift card, you are also allowed to make transactions online and phone using the card. Here are some important details about the website and its features.

The US Bank

The US Bank is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is currently the 7th largest bank in the United States owning 3,106 branches and 4,842 ATMs nationwide. Led by US Bank CEO Andrew Cecere, the bank has pioneered and continuously provided a wide array of services, including banking, investment, mortgage, trust, and payment services, earning a greater chunk of the market. 

The US Bank History

The US bank established its first branch in 1891 in Portland, Oregon. It was initially named as United States National Bank of Portland. As the bank increased its revenue every year and spanned its market, then it changed its name to US Bank. 

The company went through various changes. In August of 1983, the U.S. Bancorp acquired the hold over this bank including the acquisitions in Spokane, Camas, Seattle, Forest Grove, Eureka, Auburn, Seattle, among others.

It then gradually expanded into other parts of the U.S. reaching its current status in the banking industry. It has also bagged numerous recognitions and awards such as the 2016 New Product of the Year Award as well as the Business Premium Award. 

Products and Services

The US Bank offers various services for individuals, small companies, and big corporations. For individual banking, the US Bank provides services such as opening and managing different accounts like savings and checking accounts as well as credit and debit cards. It also offers loans, mortgage, investments, financial management, and refinancing services. 

Besides, the US Bank also offers various services for small-scale enterprises like business accounts and loans. It also assists these businesses with their advanced payroll and payment facilities

Meanwhile, the corporates may take advantage of the various like payroll, investment, financing, and payment solutions. More importantly, the US Bank also offers customized services according to the needs of these businesses. 

MyGiftCardSite: The US Bank Gift Card

Gift card has become so much popular nowadays as it makes giving gifts much easier. Looking for gifts for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, graduations, and any other occasion has never been easy.

Fortunately, banking geniuses have come up with the gift card. Not only does it makes it easy to think of what to give, but it also provides the receivers with the freedom to purchase what they want to get using this card.

GiftCard Functions 

The US Bank gift cards have similar functions as those of Visa credit and prepaid cards. You may purchase these gift cards between $25 and $500 and give it to your loved ones or friends as gifts, which they may use for shopping.

Like the Visa credit card or prepaid card, the purchased amount will be charged automatically from the gift card. The gift card also has a validity date and it will expire after the said date. There are also some fees which the gift cardholder has to pay for certain instances.

Features and Benefits 

Following is a list of this site’s features and benefits you will get from it. Take a look and enjoy it.

  • It is convenient. No need to bring cash. You just need to bring one card for all your purchases in stores, groceries, malls, restaurants, or cinemas across the US anytime. 
  •  It has an expiry. Know the validity of the card with the expiry date written on the card.
  • Use it online or offline. Shop online or in stores using this card. This is safe to use. No need to use a different card for different venues or platforms.
  • It is the perfect gift. No need to think of the perfect gift. Allow the recipients to freely get what they want using this card. 
  • Get rewarded. Get discounts and earn rebates whenever you use your gift card. The more you use it, the higher rebates you earn

Manage Your GiftCard Via

Unlike store gift cards, which may only use in specific merchants, you may use the Visa gift card anywhere in the US. It is not a credit card as it only bears a fixed amount. Once it is used up, you may no longer use the card as it is not reloadable. 

How to use the gift card?

Using your gift card is simple. After choosing the items you want to purchase, go to the cashier and give the card during checking out. You may be asked for the PIN, so you just need to provide it to the cashier.

The amount will be automatically deducted from your gift card balance. Make sure you have sufficient amount; otherwise, the charge will not proceed and you may need to provide another card or pay in cash.

How to check the card balance?

To avoid any hassle when making a payment, you must ensure that your card balance is sufficient to cover the amount of your purchase. To check your gift card balance, you must register first to Mygiftcardsite. Just to follow this simple process. 

  1. Ensure you are connected to fast and reliable Internet.
  2. Launch your browser and access the official website by typing in 
  3. On the home page, enter the gift card’s security code and card number.
  4. Click the login button.
  5. Wait until the dashboard loads, so you can see the remaining balance and related details of your gift card.

Meanwhile, by checking your card’s balance, you can maximize the value of your gift card up to the last cent. Once it is used up, you may always avail of another gift card for yourself or your loved ones. All you need to do is to choose the gift amount, then it will be sent to the recipient within a few hours to their mobile number.

Lost, Stolen, and Expired Cards

You are required to input a PIN for your gift card, so if in case you lost your card, you don’t need to worry much because the card will be of no use without the PIN. However, not all companies would offer to cancel the lost card and reissue a new one for an additional fee.

For some companies, the lost card is like cash that went to the drain. Thus, this is an important point to think about when considering what card to purchase.

What happens when my card got lost or stolen?

If your US Bank gift card is lost or stolen, you should immediately call the hotline 1-866-952-5653 to report about the incident. You must provide your name, gift card number, original card value, and transaction history. You may opt to get a card replacement for a $5.95 fee. Transactions made using the card before you report it being lost or stolen may be deemed valid.

If in case you see an unauthorized transaction on your Mygiftcardsite dashboard, you may call the hotline, so you can be assisted with the dispute process.

Expired Card (MyGiftCardSite)

Your gift card would remain active until the expiry date or the whole value is consumed. The expiry date is embossed in the front of your card. Thus, you should check on it and use the card before it expires. For expired cards, some companies may offer to extend the date for a fee while for others, the expired gift card is just useless. For US Bank Gift Card, it is the latter.

MyGiftCardSite: FAQ

What is MyPrepaidCenter com?

Mygiftcardsite provides exclusive gift card functions and features, making the website trustworthy. The US Bank encourages its gift cardholder to register their card on Mygiftcardsite, so they can manage and protect their gift card. Nevertheless, there are terms and conditions on Mygiftcard site, so you better read it before registering. 

What if the amount on the card is insufficient for the purchase?

Depending on the store, some would allow you to add cash for the amount not covered by the gift card. However, others will not accept the card and will ask you to use another card or pay in cash. Thus, always check the card balance before any purchase.

Can the gift card be used in gas stations?

While some prepaid cards cannot be used in gas stations, you can do so with the US Bank gift card. However, we suggest you pay at the cashier counter, not at the pump where $75 is automatically charged on the card. Thus, if you have insufficient funds, the payment will be declined. 


Numerous websites promise to allow you to manage all your cards. Regardless of what site you would use, just make sure it is safe and secure. Of course, we don’t our personal information and financial details get compromised on some bogus websites. All we want is convenience when accessing these sites.

If you have any questions regarding this article, please feel free to leave a comment. We are happy to hear from you.

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