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MyhealthatVanderbilt is everything but difficult to use. Similarly, links send you to the program’s main website, where you can quickly access your clinical records and schedule arrangements. This tool not only makes it simple to view your records, but it also makes it simple to schedule appointments and phone a doctor’s office!

The program is likewise extraordinary for individuals who don’t approach a pc since it permits you to download your clinical records to your pc. With the versatile application, you can monitor your advancement and your side effects. My health at Vanderbilt application can reveal how your body responds to your treatment plan and what treatment choices are most appropriate to your specific condition.


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Sign Up Process

  • To join, enter the accompanying data: another information date of birth, legal sex, last four digits of SSN email address phone check the container beneath to affirm you are not a robot and snap the green ‘next’ button underneath. A federal retirement aide number is required. 
  • The postal division is required. 
  • Supporter date of birth is also required
  • .You can make your username and secret phrase. Be that as it may, it has rules else you get the opportunity to see the error: your secret word must be among @MYCHART@MINLEN@ and @MYCHART@MAXLEN@ characters.  The program additionally gives a simple method to access and change your username and secret phrase. 
  • Protection data would ensure data security, and it seems as though you have a functioning my health account. my health – login page – my health at Vanderbilt my health – your safe online health association © 1999 – 2019 epic systems corporation protected by U.S. Licenses.
  • In case you have missed to notice your username, snap the ‘overlooked username’ connect, there is a blue ‘update password’ button. You would get a message like thank you – your solicitation has been sent …
  •  If you have an email address on the document, your health username will be sent to your email account. If you don’t have internet access, the program additionally gives you the alternative to planning your arrangements through email. 
  • We may gather any recognizable health information you give to us, such as your name, address, email address, sexual orientation, birth date, and telephone number. You will likewise have the chance to see the request recorded on your acknowledgment report at Vanderbilt.

If you require the access to the health information of a kid, mate, or other grown-ups, call us at 615-343-help (4357). Call us about reactivating you—my health access.

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Information Security and Privacy

My health – your safe online health association, to keep your health information hidden and secure, we should affirm that the individual setting up your record is truly you. exchange chooses a signup method – my health at Vanderbilt chooses a signup method if you are a patient at Vanderbilt university medical center and beyond 18 years old, can pursue my health at Vanderbilt account by finishing the structure underneath and checking your character.

To keep your health information hidden and secure, we should affirm that the individual setting up your record is truly you. This organization doesn’t get or approach any of your health information. To do this, we utilize an outsider to help to affirm your personality with questions drawn from your credit history, on the off chance that you are a patient or lawful delegate, your provider’s utilization and divulgence of your recognizable health information depending on your provider’s notice of privacy practices.

We can’t control any provider’s utilization of a patient’s recognizable health information. We assist your provider and accordingly ensure recognizable health information as required by the pertinent understanding among your provider and us and the relevant law. 

Have you had a go at joining an arrangement shortlist? This element permits you to join a shortlist for up and coming arrangements for an opportunity to get a previous arrangement should one become accessible.

This privacy policy doesn’t in any capacity administer our assortment, use, or exposure of your recognizable health information regarding any relationship that we may have with your provider other than as the administrator and host of the service; any such assortment, use, or revelation is represented by the agreement of business associate that we have with your provider, and every material law. You can also see upcoming appointments and get notifications with the online patient tool of when your doctors’ offices will be open. Set your password online with a secure password to prevent privacy issues.


In conclusion, My Health At Vanderbilt also provides a free online tool to connect with an online health care professional, medical care team and network with fellow patients for a convenient service. You can also connect to their customer service for more assistance. You can give direct access or keep your health information private from your medical record. Easily prevent any unauthorized access. From setting vaccination appointments and other services provided. 

It is very easy to keep track of your expenses with online patient portal, get correct health record, health information resources, health profile, get health topics, email notifications, your personal health record, and the information you get will allow you to track any health complications of yourself or any person from time to time that may be present. Allows you to schedule appointments via email and set email alert. With a good Internet service provider, you can access to information is controlled through secure activation codes, personal usernames, and passwords and also find location with Internet access. With the world-class services they offer to their customers, you will be amazed at what they can accomplish for you. 

If you have queries about personal health record, health records, medical appointments, health plans Vanderbilt App, schedule appointments, appointment requests, outpatient visits, pocket visits, clinic visit, office visit, activation code, person visit online health connection, health history report, or anything from the article, leave a question in the comment section below. We’ll try to get to you.

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