– How to Check Your Card Balance is a pre-paid or gift card that has a particular amount ranging from $10 to $500 as an introductory charge. Cardholders can enroll their cards on the internet entrance to start the card. This article gives a guide on the best way to begin utilizing the card. My Prepaid Balance card can be used internationally, although foreign exchange fees may apply. However, it cannot be used on any of the current OFAC-authorized or prohibited countries listed here. First and foremost, the cardholder simply needs to visit to start the enrollment.

Using MyPrepaidBalance Cards

By and large, there are two kinds of gift vouchers: open proviso and shut escape clause. Both card types can be used on the web and in-store exchanges. This sort of gift vouchers must be utilized by a solitary trader and its members. For instance, the Gap pre-loaded card can likewise be utilized for the Banana Republic and Old Navy, and the other way around. This card doesn’t need any initiation expense. In any case, the card terminates on the date it appeared or when the sum is completely devoured. 

It can likewise be utilized for on the web or via telephone buys, simply ensure the charging address matches. In addition, you may utilize it for money withdrawals with exchange charges. My Prepaid Balance card can be utilized abroad, however subject to unfamiliar exchange expenses. Be that as it may, it can’t be utilized on current OFAC-authorized or precluded nations as recorded here. Adding money to your card and checking it is likewise incredibly simple and can happen by means of online stores or through your versatile.

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Make your MyPrepaidBalance account now!

  • Direct store – Click the “Immediate Deposit” tab to recover the directing and record number of the asset source. 
  • Mobile cash store – Snap a photograph of the heap endorsed paper checks through My Prepaid versatile application. 
  • In-branch or office – Reload the card at the organization where the card was bought 
  • Western Union areas – Load cards by taking an interest in Western Union branches. 

Get the assets in the card in 10 days for nothing. Notwithstanding, they may likewise pick to get the cash in minutes for at any rate a $5 expense. Finance and government checks are charged 1% while a 4% expense is applied to all different checks. Likewise, all checks must bear the name of the cardholder. These will be cleared on a bank inside the United States or the U.S. region. We trust we have given adequate insights regarding My Prepaid Balance. For questions or recommendations, kindly leave a remark beneath.

Signing up

Begin to deal with your record with enlistment. To enlist, here are the means you ought to follow: 

  1. Add your card – Add the data from all your charge and Mastercards upon enlistment. 
  2. Create a record Choose an individual email that you need to connect with the record and make a solid password for your security. 

There should be a minimum of eight characters and with a lowercase character, a capitalized character, number, and extraordinary character. Confirm the secret password you chose. Choose security questions and give the appropriate response. This will assist you with recovering your record on the off chance that it gets bolted out. If you speculate conceivable fake movement, don’t move stressed immediately. Your online record is sheltered and the data entered is safely scrambled.

The following activity is to enter your own data. This would incorporate your first name, center name, and last name. You likewise need to enter your birthday, address, and telephone number. Each card you own has its own novel highlights. You may select to utilize a charge card, Visas, and additionally gift vouchers. Checking your equilibrium and observing exchanges can be befuddling. This is the place where MyPrepaidBalance comes in. You can sign in and check your equilibrium to every one of your cards in only one stage through

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Accessing your Card to check money

Access your card exchanges on the web or download its application. Upon enrollment, you should now have the option to get to its highlights and make the most of its advantages. Deal with your card rapidly and without any problem 

  • Check your equilibrium, exchanges, and stores on the web. View current equilibrium and check late buys. Receive text or email alarms for low equilibrium, checked exchanges, and stacking of assets. 
  • Easily add money to your card, get immediate store data, or burden a register straightforwardly with the application. Deposit your cash online through Direct Deposit, at no additional expense. Monitor your record from your program or portable application. 
  • Utilize your MyPrepaidBalance card at cafés, lodgings, and vehicle rental offices, shipper stores, and then some, and keep your funds make sure about. You can check your credits and charges on the web, decide to get an electronic receipt for exchanges and send receipts to your email address as well – with no extra charges. 


While signing up, a minimum of eight characters is required, including a lowercase character, a capitalised character, a number, and an unusual character. Confirm that the secret password you selected is correct. Select security questions and respond appropriately.

Shut escape cash cards are famous endowments at weddings and different festivals. Actually, these permit the celebrators to buy what they need. My Prepaid Balance card can be utilized at any shipper tolerating MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover. Like other pre-loaded cards, a $5 actuation expense is normally applied upon initiation.  Utilize the card at any vendor or store tolerating Visa/MasterCard. A day by day spend breaking point of $2,500 is applied for every exchange type. Queries about card cancellation, card transactions, current card balance or prepaid card balance, gift card access, prepaid gift card, management of card, card limit, pre-loaded card account prepaid card service, substitution card, additional charges, substitution charge, online deposits? Leave them in the comment box below.

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