Stormmedial – Everything You Need to Know


Stormmedial has been into some serious complaints recently especially in the PayPal community page. There have been reports that this supposedly online company does not deliver on their promises. People have been saying that they have ordered products from the Stormmedial but never got it. Or that they find that … read more

402-220-4351 Phone Number: Legit or Spam?


Have you been getting calls from 402-220-4351? Are they calling so frequently, it starts to nag in your daily life? Well, that’s the problem with these spam calls. They are notorious in being a nuisance that they become one of those spammy telemarketers. This is similar to the 402-935-7733 from … read more

800-922-0204 — Everything You Need to Know

It was recently reported that scammers are spoofing on Verizon’s customer service with caller ID 800-922-0204. The report stated that the said caller is offering refunds on users ranging between 30-60 US dollar. In return, the recipients need to give personal information to process such refund and service credit. In … read more