1-800-672-2231 — Everything You Need to Know

Have you got a call from 1-800-672-2231 ? Then go through this article to know what should you do or shouldn’t do.

AEP Ohio Customer support

If you check the AEP Ohio official site, then you can see that 1-800-672-2231 is the Customer Solutions number of AEP Ohio aka American electrical power of Ohio. But Scammers are spoofing those numbers and misinterpreting customer for giving their account details. Read the entire article you will get to know about the tactics they are applying.

We have posted about some important customer care no which you should know about and scammers are also using those number for harassing people. Check those post from arnonline and beware of those fraudulent. To be safe with your bank account and other details don’t forget to read: 1-800-777-0133, 1-888-842-6328, 1-800-227-4825, 1-800-946-0332.

About AEP Ohio

AEP is serving customer since 1906. AEP Ohio has almost 1.5 million customers in the south, north-west and central Ohio. Previously, it consisted of two companies, Columbus Southern Power and  Ohio Power. Then in 2014, the two companies merge up namely Ohio Power as the legal operating company.

Customer support on 1-800-672-2231

AEP Ohio offers a hassle-free bill payment service of electric. Firstly a customer has to register an account in their site and can pay all the bill. They will also get notified once the bill is paid.

In Case if you have any doubt regarding bill payment you can call on 1-800-672-2231. They have a 24×7 Customer support for people.

Scammer’s Call

Nowadays the thieves tactics have been increased in such a way that it is hard to differentiate between the real and the fake. But you have to perceive the scammers who pose as employees ask for your bill payment and give false threat about your personal information. Thieves try to steal money by phone or In-Person by some falsified mail and email as well. Scammers are displaying AEP Ohio’s name as the caller id and play a telephone recording that sounds like AEP Ohio’s phone system message.

AEP Ohio Contact us

AEP Ohio claims that they never ask customers prepaid debit card details via phone. Signs of if you are getting a call from scammers :

  • Demanding a bill amount to deposit immediately.
  • Asking for personal account information.
  • Insisting on paying the bill on a specific method, i.e., prepaid credit card
  • Call from an unknown number which is similar to the official customer care number but  starts with 800 or 888

What do the scammers ask the customers?

  • Threaten the customer that they will shut off power unless an immediate payment to be made within some hours;
  • Thieves  tell the customers that they need a new meter, but payment should be done before the new meter is installed;
  • Going door to door and asking for immediate payment of the total bill amounts ;
  • They offer a discount on their AEP Ohio bill if a customer signs up for auto-pay.

What should you do if you got a call which embodies as an AEP Ohio executive?

Immediately you should Hang up the phone and call at AEP Ohio on this number 1-800-672-2231 for getting sure from the AEP Ohio employee if they have genuinely called you about your due bill. Do not give the caller, details of your prepaid card or any card. 

How can you know if AEP Ohio contacting you is real or personify as such?

Call AEP Ohio immediately on this number 1-800-672-2231 and ask the customer service employee that if they have tried to call you or not. The employee can also tell you what your account balance is and when the next payment is due.

What should you do if you have been scammed?

Contact your local police through their telephone number and report the scam. Please also call AEP Ohio at 1-800-672-2231 to report the fraud. AEP Ohio is working with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to identify the scammers.

Safety precautions which you should maintain :

  • Turn on your Mobile Billing Alerts from your account. They will send a text message three days before your payment is due and confirm when they have received your payment.
  • Do not give any caller; the details of your prepaid card /debit/credit cards as AEP doesn’t ask this card details via phone.
  • Ignore if they ask for personal information such as bank account numbers, usernames, and passwords, credit card numbers or debit card numbers.
  • If you got any doubt about the caller, don’t think twice to hang up the phone and call on 1-800-672-2231.

Comparison of Payment options of AEP Ohio:

  • AEP Ohio offers multiple ways to pay bills are discussed here.
  • In case of Online Payment option, you must be enrolled in the paperless billing system. This system allows you to pay bills by credit card/debit card, e-check or any online service and the fee will be collected through their official partner Billmatrix.
  • The In-Person Payment Option offers you to pay the bills by Check, cash or money order.
  • In the Pay by Mail, you have to simply use the return envelope enclosed with your electric bill. Your canceled check is your receipt and remember to include the top portion of your electric bill with your payment and be sure you have added your name, service address, and electric account number to confirm your account is rightly credited.
  • In Pay by Phone, you have to simply call the BillMatrix tollfree no which is given in the official site and pay by credit, debit card or e-check.


We hope we have solved your issue. In case if your issue still not resolved feel free to ask us in the comment section. We will be glad to help you.

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