Wonderboxsystem: Technology for Healthcare

As a healthcare provider, you always want to give the best quality service for your patient. But providing quality healthcare to patients is one thing, but doing administrative work is another. It’s time-consuming and eats up a significant amount of time. Automation solutions like the WonderboxSystem minimize the need for this unnecessary sacrifice. In this guide, we’ll be walking you through the automation system that has changed the way healthcare providers and payers work together.


Wonderbox Technologies is a company under SKYGEN USA, which is dedicated to developing and implementing state of the art technology solutions for the healthcare industry. Wonderbox became known for developing and selling the Enterprise System, which is a technology platform that can be used by all stakeholders in the healthcare industry. The system manages commercial and government-sponsored benefits across all market segments.

In early 2018, Skygen decided to consolidate all of its companies – Wonderbox Technologies, Scion Dental, Vestica Healthcare, and Ocular Benefits – under the SKYGEN USA brand. SKYGEN USA now provides a wide variety of on-demand solutions for all stakeholders of the healthcare industry.

Wonderbox System Software Solution

Known for the development of the Enterprise System, this Wonderbox system continues to be the core of SKYGEN’s on-demand software solutions for the stakeholders of the healthcare industry. It is comprised of a database of more than forty modules that are designed for a specific benefit administration process. With these modules, the administrative work that comes with managing specialty benefits is significantly automated, resulting in more efficiency and effectivity.

With the integration into a singular brand, the Enterprise System is now integrated with other solutions provided by other Skygen companies. SKYGEN USA has now developed specialized enterprise systems for dental and vision healthcare, which used to be under Scion Dental and Ocular Benefits.

Dental Enterprise System

The Dental Enterprise System includes unique features that include:

  • Configurable library of dental codes
  • Real-time integrated service authorizations
  • Dental claim edits that meet your needs
  • Customizable dental authorization guidelines and requirements
  • Orthodontic case management
  • Provider rating tool
  • Provider profiling reports
  • Data management tools for providers
  • Self-service data analytics
  • Integrated platform for dental and vision benefits administration

Vision Enterprise System

The Vision Enterprise System includes unique features that include:

  • Configurable library of vision codes
  • Real-time benefit availability for vision services and materials
  • Customizable vision authorization guidelines and requirements
  • Formulary design configuration and price management
  • Provider rating tool
  • Data management tools for providers
  • Provider profiling reports
  • Self-service data

Aside from those listed above, the Vision Enterprise System also has Lab Integration and Lab Choice features. With Lab Integration, providers could create material orders and fulfill them using the lab of their choice. The system allows providers to view and edit these material order details in real-time.

With the Lab Choice feature, the Vision Enterprise System allows providers to select the lab of their choice. You can choose them based on several factors such as quality, availability of materials, order turnaround time, cost, and others.

Benefits of Using the Wonderbox System

The Enterprise System sounds like just another software or app out there. But what do you get out of using this system compared to other solutions out there? We’ve written down some of the benefits you could enjoy when you use the Wonderbox system:

Reduction of human error

From its inception, one of the goals of this software was to automate most of the processes. By doing so, human error is also reduced. In turn, this means that processes could run smoother and faster compared to the manual process.

Reduction of processing time

By putting essential data and pertinent details online, the processing time is significantly reduced. It eliminates the need for documents to be transferred from one desk to another. Not to mention that these papers might go unnoticed by mistake with the manual process.

With SKYGEN’s on-demand solutions, providers and payers can check these documents online, and they get approved as soon as possible. Freeing up time means you can give more time to focus on giving your patients the quality healthcare that they deserve.

Reduction of administrative costs

Time and energy involve cost. With the manual procedure, a significant amount of time and energy is wasted because of unforeseen problems. But with Wonderbox’s system, the time and energy allotted for these tasks are reduced and are greatly optimized. Not only does this mean savings for you, but it also means that you can focus these important resources for something better.

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Improving healthcare with technological advances like Wonderbox’s system brings benefits to all stakeholders of the industry. By using SKYGEN’s on-demand solutions, administrative work is done simpler, faster, and better. Implementing this technological solution to your business will significantly improve the way you deliver healthcare.

What do you think of the Wonderbox system? Have you had any experience working with it? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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