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In the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic, having online access to a clinical office is unquestionably beneficial to many people. The Northshoreconnect app keeps patients connected to their primary care providers, provides them with test results, and encourages them to plan or reschedule appointments. Each visit, your electronic medical record is analysed and updated with new information about your health. We take great care to ensure that your medical information is kept private and safe., the exchange helps the patients of Northshore university health system improve medical care and that too from the solace of their homes!


Persistent consent for the use of Northshore connect organization terms and conditions response to electronic communication – Northshore university health system will put forth its best attempt to give an ideal reaction to electronic requests. Most primary care, specialty care, and hospital services can be booked legitimately through your Northshore connect account. Moreover, concerning any electronic interchanges sent by the patient, the Northshore university health system is just ready to react to such correspondences dependent on the data given by the patient. 

Perks of using NorthShoreConnect

  • A patient’s secret medical information on Northshore connect will be open to proper Northshore university health system clinical staff. Admittance to data is controlled through secure enactment codes, individual usernames, and passwords. 
  • Email and text messaging privacy – patients of Northshore connect ought to know that they will be advised through email and a text message when there is new medical information to be seen on Northshore connect. 
  • Whenever you might want data, a printed copy of your medical records will consistently be accessible through the Swedish hospital’s medical records department. You can print or download verifiable data from the Healow entrance by tapping the medical records tab and picking any of the choices given including personal, current medications, lab/diagnostic results, and that’s just the beginning. 
  • Your health information is evaluated and refreshed in your electronic medical record each visit. We take incredible consideration to guarantee your health information is kept hidden and secure. The advancements that are utilized by Northshore connect are f5 big-IP APM, Zinrelo, f5 big-IP application security manager, EpicCare. 

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How can you use it?

You can, without much trouble, download the application from the google play store. Utilizing the application, you can join. In every scenario, that you possess various google accounts, be certain you’re marked into the correct one. Along these lines, patients should consider while giving an email address or potentially phone number. During your office visit, we will naturally send you an auto initiation connection. 

You can access it through Web explorers like Apple, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.

 Note: Microsoft has as of late stopped active support of internet explorer versions ten and underneath and is emphatically reassuring clients to update to internet explorer 11 or more.

Ensure you remember the runs for the access code and federal retirement aid number to check that your date of birth is in the accompanying configuration: mm/dd/yyyy when building up your username. It must be in any event six characters in length when setting up a secret phrase, try to utilize a blend of at any rate six letters and numbers – a blend of both is needed to make a substantial secret word when entering your data, kindly recollect not to incorporate any spaces alternatively, you can attempt our new online signup process without a code. 


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Data from the previous two years is in the new EHR, epic. However, it won’t show up on Northshore connect until a clinical team part has accommodated it. Albeit no private medical information will be sent, the warning that new medical information is accessible by getting to Northshore connect might be data that a patient would not need others to know. 

This data would not show up in the right health record and might imperil medical care. On the off chance that there are severe results, a patient needs in their Northshoreconnect record and doesn’t show the following seven days, if it’s not too much trouble, contact your care team to request them to be physically delivered. Or, on the other hand, then again, get some information about repairing the Northshore connect account straightforwardly during your next office visit. 

While picking the personal health record choice, you will, at that point, populate the dates you are hoping to spare and snap submit. 


Northshore connects – your secure online health connection. There were a few mistakes found in the signup form. By any chance that you don’t recall your secret key in any case, please total our online username recovery form or contact the contact provider for help. 

Additional Benefits:

  • Pediatric family access (proxy) pediatric access permits guardians to get to the electronic medical record (counting HIV and genetic testing information) of their minors, who are younger than 13. 
  • Grown-up family access (proxy) adult access permits a grown-up (finished or equivalent to 18 years old) to get to the electronic medical record (counting HIV and genetic testing information) of another grown-up. 
  • Teenager family access (proxy) teen access permits guardians to get to the electronic medical record of their minor between 13 and 18. 
  • Family access (proxy) settings – Northshore University health system offers three kinds of family access (intermediary): pediatric, teenager, and grown-up. 
  • Mychart provides you direct access to your personal health record, and conveying another person’s data would be set in your health record.


You can send messages to your primary care physician using NorthShoreConnect by selecting the provider you want to message from the NorthShoreConnect interface. You can also request hospital outpatient visits, examine your test results, medical records, and after-visit summaries online at any time.

If you believe you are encountering a serious medical issue, please call 911 or look for care at your nearest emergency department. Post queries about activation code, clinic visit, medical appointments, medical facilities, security features, customer service, northshoreconnect username, medical care team, electronic health record, health information resources, online password recovery, sign up process, booking appointments, password recovery form in the comment box below.

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